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Interstate & International Buyers Agent

Buying a home, whether as your primary residence or for investment, is always a big step. Even if you’ve done it before, and there are no financial uncertainties involved, there are going to be plenty of unknowns – and they multiply many times over when you’re buying a house interstate or from overseas. That’s why an interstate and international buyers agent is the key to a successful property purchase.


Talk with Setlr today – make it your first step in finding the home you’re dreaming of. We’re the property buyers agents Brisbane and South East Queensland have come to know and rely on. Start by filling out our online contact form, emailing, or you can call us on 1300 1SETLR.


We’re Your Eyes & Ears on the Ground

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Having an Interstate and International Buying Agent Working for You Can Be Even Better Than Being There Yourself

After a detailed consultation, we’ll know exactly what you’re looking for, and no matter where you are in the world, you’ll have a dedicated local professional doing all the research and legwork to find it for you. Working with an international buying agent is always going to be better than doing it all yourself, even if you happened to be located down the road instead of someplace far away.

We Make Buying a House Interstate or Overseas Easy

Home purchase is a step so significant that there are no unimportant aspects, no details that can be overlooked. Our interstate and international buyers agent services go far beyond locating properties. Overseeing the whole process is what we do for our clients. We believe full service is the only service worth providing.

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We're Queensland’s Turn Key Property Buyers Agents

For us, finding the perfect home for you doesn’t stop until you’re settled in. We take care of all the paperwork and details, keeping you fully informed at all times, so your experience is truly turn key. You’ll arrive and move directly into your new home – which is ready and waiting for you.

Already Found the Perfect Property?

Let Us Negotiate for You!

Our team of experienced buyer agents step in to handle the negotiations and get you the best price and the best terms. Negotiation gets the best results when it’s done by those familiar with the market on a daily basis. Real-world know-how means a lot when it’s time to get down to business, and you’ll rest easy knowing you have the best in the business on your side – especially when you’re far away. An international buyers agent is your guide to bring all this to you, whether you’re buying a home or buying investment property interstate or overseas.


It’s Your Turn

This is your time to find the home you’ve been dreaming of. It’s your turn to step up to all the benefits a fine home provides, and to experience the peace of mind that comes from having trusted advice and action working for you when you can’t be there.


Setlr does so much more than find you the perfect place to live. We’ll manage the process from initial consultation to the great moment when you first walk in the door as the new owner – and beyond as we help you settle in. It’s your turn to have this kind of focused assistance in finding your dream home, or in buying investment property interstate or overseas.

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We'll Save You, Literally!

We’ll save you from the considerable work of locating and securing a fine property – the Setlr team do this for a living, so we have all the time and energy needed to execute all aspects properly. The other thing we’ll save you from is a very considerable amount of stress. Buying a home can cause high stress levels, and it is only more stressful when buying property interstate or overseas. There is no reason to experience that when all the help you need is right here for you.

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We Save You Time

You won’t have to spend all your free time out searching for your dream home, or camp out online sorting through the listings. We consult with you, learn your needs and goals, and then we present all the properties that could work for you, for you to choose from. Through our extensive local contacts, we often learn of properties for sale that have not yet been listed, so we can inspect them and show them to you exclusively – before the rest of the world is aware.

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We Save You Money

You have to know the market quite well to know what a property is really worth. This is difficult to achieve from a distant location. A buyers agent will know the best price, and we’ll work on your behalf to get it for you. And when it’s time to negotiate the contract, we will be making sure it fits your plans and schedule – so the property is ready when you are, and you don’t get unpleasantly surprised by large additional costs for accommodations, storage, and possibly supplemental financing.

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We Give You Clarity

As your personal representative, we will be handling the issues and details that can make property search and purchase negotiation so stressful. It can also be an emotional journey, and we’ll be there, on your side, as an independent eye and voice, to evaluate and discuss the pros and cons of a potential purchase – so your decisions lead to years of great experience with your new purchase.

We’ll Get You Settled

You'll be happy buying property interstate or internationally with Setlr. Let us locate your dream home, get you the best purchase deal, and see to it that you’re settled in, happy and comfortable. We provide buyers agent services for Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Moreton Bay, Redlands, and Logan. Your new life in a beautiful new home starts today when you reach out to Setlr – by filling out our online contact form, emailing, or calling us on 1300 1SETLR.

Some Deals We've Settled

"Would highly recommend and will be using them for any future purchases, thanks team for making this purchase completely stress free for us."
- Felicity & Owen Rice – Client 
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