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Setlr Buyers Agent Services

Whether you’re looking for your next home, or another addition to your growing property portfolio, the buyers agent services offered at Setlr are going to get you where you want to be. During this process we discuss the ins and outs with you, we also gather as much information on your requirements as possible and take the reins on the most difficult parts. We make the process a breeze, so you can continue focusing on more important parts of your life. As buyers agents, we understand the unique challenges that home buyers face, especially with how much the market can shift, but we’re here to help alleviate those stresses – thanks to our industry knowledge, and trusted relationships.


Our Services

Customers who have purchased a house

Our team of dedicated buyers agents are here to take care of the entire buying process on your behalf. From looking for your new abode, to ensuring you’re well and settled in once the process is complete – we’re there for you. Despite home’s being our forte, it’s the people we work with that are our top priority.

Known for its strong and ever growing economy, Brisbane is absolutely the place to be. It’s not hard to see why big investors are homing in on the real estate opportunities around this beautiful city, and with the team at Setlr on your side, you have the opportunity to secure something special.


At Setlr, we don’t just offer our buyers agent services domestically. Regardless of where you are in the country or the world, or where the property you desire is located, our team of buyers agents are here to help. Whether it’s to buy or invest, we’ll get the ball rolling so you can focus on the other more important things in life.

Looking to expand your property portfolio? Go commercial! Diversifying your investment portfolio with both residential and commercial property can be beneficial as an investor, and with our knowledge of the market, we can assist you in securing a commercial property that’s going to provide value to you in the long term, just ask us about our buyers agent services!

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We'll Save You, Literally!

As Brisbane’s premier home buyers agent, the team at Setlr have the expertise, knowledge and network to find you exactly what you’re looking for and get you into your dream home sooner. Without the stress.

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We Save You Time

Forget about spending your free time hunting for a new home, or staying up late doomscrolling real estate websites when you should be sleeping. Need help? We’re here for you. Tell us what you need, and we’ll do our part to find suitable properties tailored to your requirements. We have access to properties and viewings before they hit the market, which means YOU can get your foot in the door before the public does!

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We Save You Money

Knowing the location you want to buy in and the average property price in that area, helps you to secure a fair price for a home that suits you. Using our buyers advocate services helps, too! The financial benefits extend far beyond a fair price – we spend time negotiating the terms of the contract and ensuring the dates align with your move out. Forget about short term accommodation, storage facilities, or bridging-loans, you save money with Setlr.

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We Give You Clarity

Clarity is an important fundamental when it comes to buying a home. With our representation, the fear of stress and biased opinions are no more. Using one of our buyers agents is going to remove emotions from the buying process, because we act as an objective third party and have no emotional connection to any of the homes we find or view. We are here to help you make logical, sensible, and informed decisions from beginning to end.

Consider it Settled with Setlr

Our buyers agent services have seen a number of our customers succeed with their settlements, moving into their fabulous new homes and securing a top-notch investment for their portfolios. If you’re interested in taking the next step, call us on 1300 1SETLR today, reach out through our online form, or contact us directly via email for more information on

Some Deals We've Settled

"Would highly recommend and will be using them for any future purchases, thanks team for making this purchase completely stress free for us."
- Felicity & Owen Rice – Client 
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